Italian handmade ceramics since 1995

Through action, doing, representing, our deepest truth is manifested. Matter becomes an instrument of revelation of consciousness in the story of the “journey of life”. Forms in balance between mind and soul. The mind demands defined borders and lines, the soul expresses itself in softness and movement. The experience is in the oscillation of opposites. Balance is the real goal, quiet the purpose.

Since 1980 Rina Menardi has been developing her research into the field of ceramics personalising work techniques, exploring colour schemes, striving for neatness of shape. The company Rina Menardi was established in 1995 by Rina Menardi and her husband Valter Milanese.

Who is Rina

Who is Rina

Rina and her love for the matter

who is rina

Rina and her love for the matter

Rina’s intent is that the object should not impose itself but, rather, suggest sensations, both visual and tactile able to evoke our deepest emotions.

Rina works the clay without ever feeling a ceramist: “Clay allows me to give a three-dimensional shape to the here-and-now me. It is a way of communicating with myself, and therefore with others. I simply strive to respect the natural surfacing of things that are already within us”.

Meet The Team

Rina Menardi

Co-Founder & Designer

Valter Milanese

Co-Founder & General Manager

Sara Paschetto

Sales Manager

Enrica Milanese

Media Manager

Anna Chiara Milanese

Sales Representative